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Tools that make construction works easier are nowadays widely used. Excavator control systems guide the operator to achieve the target level accurately. Efficiency is increased, time and material saved and costs reduced.
Vision Link is a machine control system, which is suitable for many different job sites.Vision Link is the right choice for contractors who work mainly on traditional 2D projects, but want to make sure that their machine control system is fully compatible with GPSIGNSS and 3D machine control.


Easy and straightforward

Vision Link’s focus is on ease of use. In addition to a simple and straightforward user interface, Vision Link offers reliability and durability. The operator can see the bucket position in real time on the display mounted in the cabin. Graphics are three-dimensional, so all works from plains to pipelines are very clear and easy to visualize. Unnecessary digging can be easily avoided, and there is no need for rework. The operator can focus on productive work without having to leave his cab to do measurements.



Vision Link offers a complete selection of features, such as depth, distance and slope measurements, tilt bucket measurement, laser control, and LED level indicator. A profile that contains multiple reference levels and slopes can be entered into the system. When upgrading the system with a GPS package, the machine can be located in the coordinates of the construction site and work can be done according to a DIM (Digital Terrain Model) without any stakes. Simple models can be easily made with the device itself.


  • Suitable for numerous job sites
  • Bright .5.7″touch screen display
  • CAN bus sensors
  • GPS compatible, upgradeable
  • Remote support as an option (GPRS/3G)

Vision Link Excavator System

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