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Range of Leica Laser Distance Meter


Laser Distance meters or Laser tape measures are incredibly useful tools. They allow quick and accurate measurements to be done without any assistance and are small enough to fit in a snugly pocket.


But there are too many brands, available in the market; also each brand may present more than a different dozen devices making it almost a challenge to choose the best buy for you. Also high prices make it even tougher to pick the right one.


Leica Geosystems are the pioneers in the invention of the first hand-held laser distance meter 20 years ago. Since then they have been setting the standards for productivity for simple and complex measuring applications Leica DISTO™ series is a family of laser distance meters that span a range of prices and features. The DISTO™ family is made up of many models, starting from a low end DISTO™ D2 to a high end DISTO™ S910.





Range of Leica Laser Distance Meters

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