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Affordable, easy-to-use excavator guidance system

Easy Dig is an excavator guidance system measuring depth, slope, and distance while you work. Simple and easy to use, the system is suitable for many site operations, including foundations, smaller road building, landscaping, drainage and dredging.


With the help of Easy Dig, saving time and money is a breeze. When the bucket’s level is known at all times with an accuracy of one centimetre, there is no need to stop work for grade checking.


To upgrade the Easy Dig system to a 3D machine control system at a later point is simplicity itself, due to the fully compatible sensors. With this no-fuss upgrade path to the Novatron Vision LINK or Vision 3D systems the Easy Dig is any contractor’s sensible and easy choice.


The suction cup mounting enables you to easily attach the Easy Dig display and the additional LED display unit in the desired cabin location – and even to switch them between different machines. The standard system has four CAN bus sensors that measure the positions of the bucket, dipper stick, main boom, and machine frame. The frame sensor corrects the error caused by body tilting. The optional tilt bucket sensor measures the bucket’s rolling angle. With the laser receiver, you can utilize a rotating laser for your excavation work



Improve your productivity – do the job right, first time-All excavation work is easier and faster – you always know where your bucket is
-Savings in material and fuel costs – no more over digging or rework
-Improved safety – no need to have people moving around the machine or down the trench

MOBA V2D.EXC / Easy Dig Excavator System

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