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The GS.506 provides for automatic control of  blade elevation, inclination and pitch. It offers a full range of functions that enables you to make the most efficient use of your grader/dozer. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the GS.506 offers total handling convenience.


  • The GS.506 is an easily mounted full Grader/Dozer system
  • Components overview: control panel, grade sensor, rotation compensator, cross slope sensor, long slope sensor, proportional hydraulic pack, controller, sonic ski and multi sticks hand controls
  • Easy to operate
  • Absolutely precise, even at high speeds
  • Safe and reliable
  • Adaptable to your future needs
  • Easy upgrade to GNSS/GPS


The controller is equipped with the most modern microprocessor technology. It receives and compares set target values with data continuously provided by the sensors. It controls the valves of the corresponding hydraulic cylinder in mere fractions of seconds.

Connecting box/Mainfall
Make the correct connections. The connecting box is the connection point for all sensors active in the system. This makes cable routes shorter, thereby reducing possible sources of errors. The mainfall sensor is also integrated into the box: It measures the inclination of the grader on the longitudinal axis.

Works together with the mainfall sensor. The sensor measures the value of the blade rotation. Together with the mainfall sensor, it provides optimum compensation for cross slope.

Cross slope
Maintains specified slope values. The cross slope sensor works with a dynamic fluid sensor. It records current measurement values for blade slope, vehicle inclination and blade rotation, taking into consideration interfering factors such as acceleration or impacts. This ensures the desired cross slope in relationship to the direction of travel is maintained.

Proportional hydraulic valve
Convert signals into motion. The hydraulic unit controls the cylinder movements based on signals generated by the controller. The specially developed proportional valves ensure that the speed of the movement is consistent with the measured deviation.

MOBA GS.506 3D GPS / GNSS System / Grader / Dozer

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