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* Installation of gravity flow sanitary pipelines
* Storm sewer pipelines
* Pipe jacking
* Tunnel boring
* Can be used in a pipe or in “Over the Top” set-ups
* Steep slope applications at mountain areas
* Installation of solar farms
Key Features and Benefits
The features and benefits of the DG813 are exactly the same as the DG613
but also includes:

* The DG813 has flexible power options that provide 40 hours operating time
(NiMH rechargeable batteries with Worldwide charger) and 50 hours
(alkaline batteries). Alkaline batteries can be used directly in the laser
without a separate battery pack. Additional car charger can be purchased to
keep you working even when out in remote areas
* The SF803 Spot Finder, when used with DG813, provides other automatic
functions making it the smartest pipe laser in the industry:
 Spot Align - automatically aligns the DG813 to the center of the Spot
Finder in the pipe or the direction of the manhole when used in a deep,
short trench or “Over the Top” set-up.
 Spot Match - a great tool for checking that pipe has been installed to the
correct grade or for finding the grade of existing pipe work. Can also be
used to calculate the grade between manholes
 SpotLok - can be used to easily establish a steep slope reference or to
lock the beam in a desired position for applications such as solar farms
where the beam could be subject to drift
 Spot Search - can be used to manually locate the beam over long
distances out of the trench
Includes: DG813, RC803 Remote Control, ST802 Transporter, SF803 Spot
Finder with P24 Pole Adapter, 956 Pipe Target with 2 Plates, Centering
Plate 200mm, Q104781 Charger, Q104667 NiMH Battery Pack, Multi
language CD, Quick user guide and Safety Instructions, 5289-0036 Carrying


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